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Photo of Mr Cheng Lyu

Mr Cheng Lyu




Cheng Lyu is currently a PhD student supported by funding from China Scholarship Council and University of Exeter PhD Scholarship. Cheng Lyu is currently working in the energy storage group in University of Exeter with the focus of the development of low-cost HER catalyst for green hydrogen production for anion exchange membrane (AEM) water electrolyser. Equipped with the zero-gap design, AEM water electrolysers shall reach a higher efficiency of hydrogen production. Different from proton exchange membrane (PEM) water electrolysers, AEM allows the employment of low-cost transition metal-based catalysts for its less corrosive working condition. The development and employment of low-cost HER catalysts in place of platinum group metal helps to reduce the cost for hydrogen production as well as improving the efficiency of water electrolysis.

Cheng is focusing on the preparation of Ni-S based HER catalyst via electrodeposition method and hydrothermal method. Ni-S based catalysts have shown a promising HER catalytic performance in alkaline environment. Optimization of the composition and operating conditions are carried out to further improve the performance. During this period, rotating disk electrode and microelectrodes are employed for a better characterization of the electrochemical properties. Instead of just focusing on the half-cell performance, full cell tests are also to be carried out to simulate the actual working conditions to obtain stability data.

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  • MSc Nonferrous Metallurgy, Zhengzhou University, China, 2021
  • BEng Metallurgy Engineering, Northeastern University, China, 2017