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Photo of Dr Nurullah Yildiz

Dr Nurullah Yildiz

Research Fellow


Dr. Yildiz is a Research Fellow for the Cornwall FLOW Accelerator in the Faculty of Environment, Science, and Economy at the University of Exeter.

Dr. Yildiz has more than five years of working experience in academia, running Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and renewable energy projects. He obtained his BSc (2013) from Erciyes University in Turkey and his MSc (2017) from Brunel University London in the U.K. He has a Ph.D. (2022) in Civil Engineering from the University of Birmingham, and the title of his Ph.D. thesis is "Investigation of Carbon Footprint and Cost Analysis of Floating Wind Turbines with Emphasis on the Barge-Type Platform". Although he focused much of his work on the LCA of floating wind turbines, he has conducted other successful studies that involve wind energy structures, sustainable design, operation, and maintenance for wind energy.



  • PhD in Civil Engineering
  • MSc in Water Engineering
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering


Journal Papers

  1. Yildiz, N., Hemida, H. and Baniotopoulos, C., 2021. Life cycle assessment of a barge-type floating wind turbine and comparison with other types of wind turbines. Energies, 14(18), p.5656.
  2. Yildiz, N., Hemida, H. and Baniotopoulos, C., 2022. Maintenance and End-of-Life Analysis in Life Cycle Assessment for Barge-Type Floating Wind Turbine. Wind 2022, 2(2), 246-259;

Conference Paper

  1. Yildiz, N., Hemida, H. and Baniotopoulos, C., 2022. FLOATING VERSUS OFFSHORE   WIND TURBINES: A COMPARATIVE LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT. In CESARE Conference Publications. (In Scopus).