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Photo of Dr George Crossley

Dr George Crossley

Post doctoral Research Associate


George's research aims to drive the uptake of marine renewable energy, as a commercial and reliable source of sustainable power. He has worked extensively with marine data and with numerical modelling of the marine environment. George worked with DNV GL to numerically model and validate the interaction between waves and tidal currents for optimisation of loads and performance analysis on tidal tubines. He is now involved in the management and operation of Falmouth Bay Test site (FaBTest).

FaBTest is an award-winning, pre-consented, 2.8 square kilometre test area situated within Falmouth harbour. This nursery facility enables device developers to test components, concepts, or full scale devices in a moderate wave climate, whist giving excellent accessibility to the device and benefitting from extensive nearby port infrastructure. George's role is to enable device developers to access and effectively use the site and other facilities within the Cornish Marine Hub to enhance research, development and the progress of concepts towards commercial realisation.  

George has contributed to the following publications:

Quantifying uncertainty in acoustic measurements of tidal flows using a virtual Doppler current profiler, G. Crossley, A. Alexandre, S. Parkinson, A.H. Day, H.C.M. Smith, D.M. Ingram, Ocean Engineering vol. 137.

Comparison of combined wave and turbulence model with field measurements. G. Crossley, S. Parkinson, A. Alexandre, H.C.M. Smith, A.H. Day, D. Ingram, Proceedings of the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC) 2017

Virtual ADCP sampling of linear models for wave-current interaction – G. Crossley, E. Mackay, A. H. Day, Proceedings of the Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (AWTEC) 2016.

Comparing a tidal flow model with field measurements, G. Crossley, A. Alexandre, S. Parkinson, A.H. Day, H. Smith. Proceedings of the Partnership for Research in Marine Renewable Energy (PRIMaRE) 3rd Conference 2016.

‘Virtual ADCP to demonstrate instrument limitations, G. Crossley. Proceedings of the International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy (INORE) Symposium 2016.

Initial Comparisons of wave-current-turbulence models with fields measurements, G. Crossley, S. Parkinson. Proceedings of the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) 2016.