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Dr. Adam Devlin, Ms. Faryal Khalid, Professor Lars Johanning, Professor Lin Hui, Professor Jiayi Pan, Ms. Lei Xia, Mr. Fabian Surya

University of Exeter strengthens ties with the Chinese University Hong Kong to address global energy challenges

Experts in the field of Ocean Technology from the University of Exeter have developed a close collaboration with ‘The Chinese University of Hong Kong’ (CUHK) implementing interdisciplinary research towards realisation of offshore renewable in Hong Kong.

This visit has been arranged to establish knowledge exchange to allow bridging expertise in offshore renewable energy between researchers at both universities.

Land scarcity, ambitious carbon footprint reduction targets and public demand to increase energy security have driven the itinerary of this ‘Inbound Research Mobility Scheme’, with a focus towards offshore wind installations in Hong Kong waters. Experts from the University of Exeter and CUHK are committed to enable jointly offshore wind energy technologies with a resilience to typhoon conditions.

University of Exeter based international renowned Ocean Technology expert Professor Johanning commented: ‘Energy security and climate change is a global challenge and requires an international approach. Bridging the knowledge and training the next generation is an essential part in tackling these social issues and I am encouraged by the strong commitment on a global scale.’ 

Faryal Khalid, early researcher at the University of Exeter added: ‘The Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence enabled me to advance my expertise on an international level and develop forward thinking research to address global challenges affecting the next generations. Working with junior researchers at CUHK guided by my host Professor Pan and supervisor Professor Johanning and engagement with key stakeholders in Hong Kong’s ORE sector, including Hong Kong Electric Company and SgurrEnergy, enabled me to comprehend the challenges on an international scale and allowed me to exchange my knowledge with the researchers and industry.’          

This research visit is jointly facilitated by The Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence (CUHK), Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the International Network on Offshore Renewable Energy (INORE).

Ranked as the 44th top university in the world, CUHK promotes the collaboration of China with international leading universities. The Inbound Research Mobility Scheme for Prof Johanning and Ms Khalid, as part of the Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence, has been supported through the Institute of Space and Earth Information Science, based at the CUHK campus in the Sha tin district of Hong Kong.

Date: 6 March 2017

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